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Warhammer Supply:

The Loveland Home for Hydroponic Indoor Gardening and Home Brewing.

Take your garden inside and grow year round with hydroponics from Warhammer Supply. Located right here in Loveland, Colorado, Warhammer Supply can help you grow in a way that is both cost effective and completely unique. Our combination of know-how and large inventory of hydroponic equipment can help you surround yourself with green even when the snow is up to your eyeballs. Whether you are looking for a small veggie and spice garden to feed your family, or you have a big inside spot ready for planting, we can help you grow it right. Don’t pack away that green thumb during the off-season, keep growing strong all year long with Warhammer Supply.

Crazy about craft beer and original wines? Warhammer supply is here to get you started. We carefully picked our ingredients and brewing supplies for you. It will set you down the path to beer heaven and it will still be easy on the budget. Stop in today and let’s get started.

There are dozens of home brewing and hydroponic shops and online stores, but instead of getting stuck with clueless employees, and deer in the head-lights hardware store workers, come in and see us at Warhammer Supply. Our small staff of gardening and brewing gurus will get to know you and help you choose the best strategies and equipment. We'll help you wow your friends and family with an exceptional home brewed beverage or indoor crop.

Enhance your mad skills even further with one of our classes and events. Keep checking back for new products, deals and tips.

We do our best to meet the demands of our customers. This online catalog is useful for putting together projects. We do not have all of the items represented online in-store at all times. Please call us and we will order whatever you need from this catalog.